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With Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Ubi Soft and Jordan Mechner are
channeling their combined talents to breathe new life into the action/adventure
genre. They’re creating rich characters, white-knuckle action and a plot with
more twists than the exotic, elaborate castle featured in the game,” said Serge
Hascoët, Editor in Chief, Ubi Soft Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to move
forward with the legendary Prince of Persia brand and eagerly await the launch
of the next masterpiece from our world-famous Montreal studio.

* A new Ubi Soft brand, Prince of Persia is credited with changing the face
of computer gaming in the 1990s by introducing lifelike animation and
story-driven action. The franchise was one of the first to gain success based on
an appealing human lead character and a dramatic storyline. The first three
games in the series boast combined sales of more than 3 million units.
* Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time takes place within an exotic,
mysterious world representing Persian architecture, animals and attire. After
his father invades the palace of the Maharajah, the Prince, tricked by a
treacherous vizier, uses a magic dagger to release the dangerous Sands of Time
from an ornate hourglass. With the aid of a beautiful, mysterious, and
potentially untrustworthy ally, players embody the Prince to recapture the Sands
of Time and restore peace to the land.

TITLE: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
GENRE: Action


12/2004 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Safedisc 4

1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action

The Old Man said to the Prince, "Your fate has been written. You will die."

Enter the dark underworld of Prince of Persia 2, the sword-slashing sequel

to the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Hunted by Dahaka, an immortal incarnation of Fate seeking divine retribution

the Prince embarks upon a path of both carnage and mystery to defy his

preordained death. His journey leads to the infernal core of a cursed island

stronghold harboring mankind's greatest fears.

Only through grim resolve, bitter defiance and the mastery of deadly new

combat arts can the Prince rise to a new level of warriorship - and emerge

from this ultimate trial with his life.

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1: DISC(S)


The Prince of Persia, a seasoned warrior, returns from the Island of Time

to Babylon with his love, Kaileena. Instead of the peace that he longs for

he finds his homeland ravaged by war and the kingdom turned against him

The Prince is rapidly captured and Kaileena has no choice but to sacrifice

herself and unleash the Sands of Time in order to save him. Now cast out

on the streets and hunted as a fugitive, the Prince soon discovers that

past battles have given rise to a deadly Dark Prince, whose spirit

gradually possesses him


* Play and master two distinct characters

Wield the powers and weapons of two master warriors with different combat

styles, attitudes, and histories

* Choose your way to kill

Master the expanded Free-Form Fighting system to destroy enemies in your

own style; strangle enemies from afar with the deadly Daggertail; or use

a new stealth art to inflict surprise decapitations the choice is yours

* Battle freely through Babylon

Dominate enemies on the perilous rooftops, dodge through chaotic streets

and ambush pursuers in dark, underground passageways

* Immerse yourself in a dramatic story

Experience unparalleled depth in storytelling as you fight your way

through a twisting tale filled with adrenaline, tension and discovery

* Manite time to surprise enemies

Execute powerful attacks against entire armies by slowing down or

rewinding time, or surprise them by using some all-new Sands of Time


* Experience a masterful blend of gameplay

True to the Prince of Persia franchise, the game provides a variety of

action combat, agility and story-driven puzzles all masterfully

blended together into a rich gaming experience

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Prince of Persia / Ubisoft

RELEASE DATE: 09-12-2008 PROTECTION: Nothing


Release Notes:

Transported to a land of myth and legend - The Prince of

Persia finds himself caught up in an epic battle between the

primal forces of good and evil, the God of Light, Ormazd

versus his brother Ahriman, the God of Darkness. He witnesses

the destruction of the legendary Tree of Life - an act which

threatens to plunge the entire world into eternal darkness by

releasing a deadly dark matter, known as the corruption

across the land

Compelled to thwart the God of Darkness and his evil minions

the Prince joins forces with a mysterious protagonist gifted

with magical powers called Elika. Together they embark on a

heroic quest to heal the ravaged landscape of the corruption

that has plagued it and restore peace

The first episode in a brand-new epic trilogy, Prince of

Persia will deliver masterful storytelling, sprawling

environments and incredible set-piece moments in an experience

rivaling the best blockbuster Hollywood movies

Install Notes:

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2. Mount image or burn it

3. Install game

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